The first impression counts!

The first 10 seconds are crucial for your website. In these seconds visitors decide whether to stayor leave your site. Your website is often the first point of contact that potential customers have with your company and the message you want to spread. The purpose of your website is that visitors take action. That's what you want, customers who buy your products or services.

How do you ensure that visitors become customers?
A good website; ensures that from the first contact moment it is clear what your site or company is about and which products and / or services you sell.
Navigation structure; Visitors want certain information quickly. Through a menu with clear main categories and possibly subcategories, you ensure that you offer content in a logical and clear structure.
Attractive content; Build a relationship of trust with your visitor by regularly offering attractive content.

Video or moving images; are an addition to your website. You get your message across faster.
Speed ​​of your website; If it takes longer than 2 seconds for your website to load, visitors will drop out. Google also likes fast websites so this immediately influences your ranking and your position on the search page.
Responsive; Most visitors come to your website via a tablet or smartphone. By making your site responsive, your site functions and looks good on all sizes of screens.
An SSL certificate; ensures that your visitors view your website via a secure connection and see the predicate "safe" in their browser bar.

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