Back to work after a wonderful summer holiday – but how do you hold on to that holiday feeling?

With tanned faces and full energy, the Dutch are goin back to the office. With boundless energy and good intentions; “Keep the inbox up to date”, “less meetings”, “schedule more free blocks in the calendar”, and make time available for other passions.

How long will that holiday feeling last, maybe 1 – 2 days? A week after the holiday your inbox explodes. Your calendar is fully booked untill December and you having the after holiday blues. You can change that! Besides structure your daily activities, there are lots of tools that can help you to work more efficient and save hours. Hours you can spend sitting on a terrace, go to the beach and keep the holiday feeling alive.

  • Email
    First of all, the inbox. Divide all your mails into folders and label them; “Handle immediately”, “emails to spend time” and “read feed”. Once your messages have been processed, place them to your archive.
    Filter your mails; A filter is a rule that your mail can recognize. Mail from certain senders, newsletters can then automatically be placed in a “reading folder”. In most email programs, Google Mail, Outlook Windows Live Mail, there is an option to set filters.
    Set up an autoresponder for your mails, so anyone who sends you an email will know that you received the mail and will reply later.TextExpander, Fingertips are application to type more with less keystrokes. It saves time by setting custom abbreviations for frequently-used text and images. Not only do you ever have to type to typo texts again endlessly, but you do not make any mistakes in this.
  • Seting priorities
    We all have a lot of tasks to do in a day. It helps to create an action list by day or week, identify with each task what is urgent and its importance. Determine how much time you spent on a task. At a glance, you can see what activities needs to be done. Do not plan more hours than in a workday. You can apply this by day and week, handy to capture these tasks in your calendar. As a result you can focus all your attention to one task and complete it.
  • NO Multi tasking
    Concentrate on one thing, it is often thought that multitasking means to get a lot of tasks done in a short period of time. A misconception, how can you expect to pay attention for  100% to one task if you have 10 other tasks at the same time? It is better to focus on one activity and complete it. If you’re thinking of something else, you’re likely to overlook a few things. How nice it is to flag off tasks from your to-do list.
  • Time-saving applications
    Below are a number of applications to better manage your time.
    Toggl is a timemanagement application. A click on start will enable or disable a time measurement. A description of the work performed can then be completed. Toggl sends you a weekly email with an overview of the hours. Very handy for projects, billing or customer hours registration.
    Hootsuite is a social media management tool that let you manage, monitor and analyze Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram. You can prepare messages in a row for publication. The publishing times you can set up yourself!
  • Keepass Often you have different passwords for different websites, programs and email addresses. Keepass is a Windows application that ensures that all your passwords are located in one place. You only need one password to access all your passwords. This saves you time when you forget your passwords and need to retrieve them.

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